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575 Boylston Street 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02116

OMBE's Green Practices & Patient Care Philosophy...

I founded OMBE to integrate the best of Eastern and Western medicine. The name OMBE, or One-Mind-Body-Earth, is a reflection of my commitment to integrative medicine and the environment. I combine acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities, nutritional counseling, as well as functional medicine tools to develop comprehensive treatment plans for my patients. Additionally, I look at the complex interaction between the environment and the body to address any factors that may contribute to the progression of many conditions.

Being green is an integral part of creating a healthy environment for my clients. I use organic Chinese herbs, organic Western botanicals, as well as researched-based nutraceuticals. Organic cotton linens, organic massage oils, and naturally-sourced tools are just a few examples of my dedication to an eco-friendly practice.

As your practitioner, my goal is to address the underlying cause of any health concern and help you achieve long-term, optimal health. By combining expertise and compassion, my intent is to help patients discover their unique mind-body balance.

I hope your experience at OMBE will empower you to achieve your best health, strength, and well-being!